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A Few Tips for Managing Social Media

If you are responsible for multiple social media channels, then you know exactly what it means to feel like social media is taking over your life.

There is so much out there, rapidly changing every second – how are you supposed to keep up with it all? Tweet this, TikTok that, Blogging, Facebook Ads, Instagram, YouTube videos, & Snapchat OH MY! I haven't even named them all! Good grief, when do we NOT stare at the screen? It's no wonder many business owners struggle with being active on social media.

Here are a few tips to help you out!

Be Realistic

The internet runs 24/7 -- but we as humans DO NOT. You will crash and burn if you think you have to be ON social media all day, every day. Think about what has to happen in that case; you have to monitor engagement, you have to think about and then create content to post, if it's videos, you now have to edit those videos, or maybe you think you have to respond to every engagement that happens on your page. Oh, the list goes on and on and on!

There are many social media tools and companies that can help your business stay on top of all these things so you don't have to be consumed by it. The team at Social Butterfly can help you with just that. 😉

Be Trendy

Watch for the latest trends and jump on the bandwagon; even if it's NOT relevant to your business. If it's a trendy new dance challenge, get your team to accept that challenge and have fun with it! Show your audience that you are a fun, cool, and authentic company! You & your team aren't a bunch of robots. Let loose once in awhile and give your followers something to connect with. Make them smile! Make them laugh. Make them remember your brand!

Collaborate with Co-Workers, Family & Friends

Chances are your co-workers, family, and friends are on social media as well. Make them unofficial 'ambassadors' for your company. THEIR friends and family are a completely new audience & they have a better chance of connecting with them. Their friends and family also have a vested interest in what their loved ones are posting about, which means, they will, more than likely, be paying attention to their feed and will probably re-share if asked. Their collaborative efforts will make your social media results grow with little effort on your part.

Be Authentic

Being authentic is SO important - you can certainly avoid being "unprofessional" but do be sure to have 'professional fun' with your company's platform. Think about the type of posts you enjoy and love to engage in...more than likely they weren't "formal" posts but rather a perfect mix of education, fun, and being present by an actual human! Find your brand's 'right' voice!

This is a really good breakdown for finding your brands right voice from Stephanie Schwab.

 Stephanie Schwab.

I hope you found this helpful and please reach out to our team if you need any help with social media and advertising!

Spread your wings & fly!

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